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Large Framed Artwork

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It is essential to choose artwork with the correct size and scale for large open-concept rooms, high ceilings, and large mantles. Small framed pieces tend to get lost in large rooms, leading to an unbalanced look. Large, oversized artwork is an excellent way to add visual interest and personality to spaces, providing balance and a strong focal point. When selecting the artwork, consider the room's furniture, the wall, and the ceiling's color to choose the right style and frame to complement and enhance the space.

Collections of multiple large pieces of artwork of the same size, style, frame, and images can be hung together to create a gallery wall tying together long walls or hallways. This approach will create a natural flow making a statement that personifies your style, and can set the tone for your space. From modern abstracts and florals to coastal scenes, you can select pieces that complement your design style and personal preferences.