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Tips for the Perfect Entryway - Setting the Tone for Your Home

As a homeowner, you know that even the smallest details can make a big impact. Your home represents not only your personal style but should also welcome your guest and make them feel at home.

One of the most important details that you should consider is your entryway. This space is where your guests will first set foot and it sets the tone for the entire home. A well-appointed foyer is not only visually impressive, but it also creates a "decompression zone" that welcomes your guests and puts them at ease. This is a space that separates the outdoors from the tranquility of your home's interior. If you are ready to make an impressive statement, let's dive in with some ideas for entryway décor.


3 Considerations When Designing Your Entryway

Foyer console table

When styling your entryway, consider the scale of your entryway, the lighting, and personal touches in the space to get started.

Scale of Your Home Entryway Design

The first thing to consider is scale. Too many pieces of furniture or too many accessories can overwhelm a small space and make it feel cluttered. Conversely, if you have a large entrance to your home, a single entryway table may seem out of place. Consider the space you have to work with and choose appropriately. When decorating for an entryway, you will want to choose furniture or accessories that are proportional to the scale of your space.

Lighting in your Entryway

Next, it is essential to have good lighting in your entryway. Not only does this help to create ambiance but can increase the perceived size of the space. If you have high ceilings, consider hanging a statement light fixture or a chandelier. If your space is small, consider investing in an accent mirror that reflects the light, which has a positive impact on the perceived size of space.

Décor when Designing your Entryway

As your guests enter your home, they will transition from the entryway to the living area. That transition should be smooth and comfortable. The color, style, and décor choices that you make in the entryway should be consistent and complimentary with the rest of the home.

If you have a small accent wall in your entryway where you can use a stylish, patterned wallpaper, it should carry some colors from throw pillows, rugs, or artwork from your living area. If the style of your home is traditional, you wouldn’t select a stark, modern light fixture for your entryway.

Your entryway should serve as the appetizer for the meal of your main living area. Whet the appetite of your guests with décor choices that you will build upon in the main space.

Use Mirrors to Open up a Small Entryway

Hallway entryway with mirror, console table, and wallpaper

Mirrors can also do wonders to open up a small entryway. They can make the space feel larger and more inviting and reflect any natural light that enters. If you have tile or marble floors, adding a small area rug can also add warmth and texture to space.

Personal Touches in Entryway Décor

If you have room, a lovely vase of fresh flowers or a plant always adds life and freshness. When you are expecting company, have a candle burning that will greet your guests with a signature scent that is repeated throughout the house. Additionally, wall décor and artwork that speaks to your sensibilities can ground the space and strike a particular tone that speaks to your personal style. These small touches are what turns an entryway into a beautiful statement space.

Choosing the Right Rugs for your Entryway

A great way to bring color, pattern, and comfort to an entryway is through the choice of an area rug. There are many great options of indoor/outdoor rugs for high traffic entryways that will stand up to foot traffic and clean up nicely either in the washer or with an occasional appointment with the Rug Doctor. Thinner, washable rugs can be made to feel more luxurious with a cushioned carpet pad underneath.

For more formal entryways, the choice of a high quality area rug that pulls in patterns and colors that compliment the rest of your home’s décor is a great way to make a statement to guests right when they walk in the door.

When choosing an area rug, remember that there can only be one major focal point in a smaller space. If you have already made a big statement with your choice of artwork, wallpaper, or lighting, the area rug or runner should not compete for your guest’s eyes. A simpler choice can be both functional and right for the aesthetic.

Add Functionality to your Entryway Design

Lastly, always consider the practical aspects of an entryway. You should provide guests with a place to set their belongings. A small table or a catch-all tray on a console is a functional and welcoming choice for your entryway. You may also want to consider including an umbrella stand to protect your visitors' wet umbrellas, and a coat rack for guests during chilly seasons. Steph Musur Designs has everything from table décor to wall art to make your home’s entryway inviting and a perfect reflection of your style.

Entryway with dark stained double doorsStaircase foyer with chandelier, table, and sheepEntryway with lockers and area rug



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